Rajeshwari Kharat to star in Bollywood movie.

Rajeshwari to star in Bollywood movie.

Rajeshwari gets a Bollywood ticket.

Entering  Bollywood through the film Pune to Goa.

Rajeshwari to star in Bollywood movie.

Actress Rajeshwari Kharat, who has touched the heart of the audience with the popular film ‘Fandry’, has got a ticket to Bollywood.

Rajeshwari is making her Bollywood debut in the movie “Pune to Goa” Prior to this, Rajshree had acted in Marathi films like Fandry and Itemgiri. Rajshree will be seen in the movie “Pune to Goa” directed by Amol Bhagat. And also Adityaraje Marathe is making his debut in Bollywood.

This Hindi film is produced by Adityaraje Marathe Productions and Morya Production House and will be available for comedy, suspense, thriller, and action loving audience.

In fact, the film is based on the real life struggle of actors travelling from Pune to Goa, but the story sheds light on many exciting experiences, mysterious events, and dangerous situations that come up during the journey. This information is given by the director of the film Amol Bhagat.

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