Launch of Orange Monkey Power Sports.


Orange Monkey, Symbol Of Strength & Energy – Lord Hanuman. Orange Monkey is a specialised gym and training centre for power sports like weight lifting and powerlifting.

The power sports centre came to birth because of Prithviraj Niyati Sengupta. A 14 year old down syndrome, recently won a bronze at the district level powerlifting competing against the normal teens. Prithviraj is a torchbearer for the movement “NOTHING TO BE ASHAMED OFF” started 2 years back when his mother realised at a parents teacher’s meeting that there are a lot of his classmates leading a dreadful life because their parents felt ashamed and the social stigma attached to having a special kid. Started training at the age of 5 to tone his muscles and mobilize cognitive skills eventually choosing fitness as his career.

Having trained under Sanket Aacharya for more than 8 years, he is now being trained under none other than Shri. Madhukar Darekar, Shiv Chatrapati Rajya Krida Jeewan Gaurav Puraskar, and 9 Times National Award In Powerlifting.

Orange Monkey will be focused to give opportunities to underprivileged kids and also bring to the fore what a special child can achieve. Given our recent achievements in the para Olympics, it goes to show if given an opportunity what a child can achieve despite his or her disabilities. Disability in this country is not just restricted to physical and mental but also financial and Orange Monkey is all set to address the same.

The Orange Monkey Power Sports Chain under the guiding light of Veteran Shri. Madhukar Darekar Ji has the noble intention of uplifting and benefiting the underprivileged athletes and young talents in Powerlifting & Weightlifting, by providing them international level coaching and assistance absolutely free. The centre will not only train the athletes but will also bring in sponsorships for their nutrition, gear, and travel, and boarding for the competitions.

To further promote the sport and encourage young athletes Orange Monkey will focus on organising district as well as state-level competitions round the year for powerlifting and weight lifting.

Orange Monkey With Shri Madhukar Darekar will be focused on producing international-level power athletes.

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