Finalists Blazed Up In The Grand Finale Of ‘I Am Dance’

Finalists Blazed Up In The Grand Finale Of ‘I Am Dance’.

Finalists Blazed Up In The Grand Finale Of 'I Am Dance'

I AM DANCE got the winner on Saturday. The Indian Marvel team from Mumbai (Savita, Ankit, Vikram, Kavita) lifted the I AM DANCE trophy in their first season, with Team B Unique from Jodhpur becoming the first runner up and duo Rohan and Ayush were set off as the second runner up from Patna. The event was judged by Geeta Kapur, Raftaar, Ruel Dausan Varindani & Terence Lewis and produced by Capt. Rashid Ali Khan, owner of the Significant Group.

The event was hosted by Bimal Dhorda and was held at Mijaaz Studios in Mumbai. The finalists excelled in dancing and achieved benchmarks that were hard to keep up with. Judges and spectators alike were excited when India decided this weekend their first I AM DANCE winner.

The judges commented on the finale, “We are grateful that we have been a part of this project as Significant Group and Capt. Rashid Ali Khan made its way to smaller cities like Patna and bumped out with finest dancers and gave them the moment to showcase their talent.”

Finalists such as Gang 13, Monish Nigam, Shakir and Rihan, Sundar Verma, Sunny Sahani, Lalit, and Sundar were on fire with their amazing acts on stage.

Capt. Rashid Ali Khan added: “I was confident that the presence of our event would be a great addition for the dancers and the audiences. We chose Patna as our centre because the motto was to take out hidden talents that did not get much attention on stage or in front of the camera in a small town. We have successfully hosted this online event as the COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the way traditional functions work.”

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